Creating Inferences

In this program, students will get hands-on experience creating and testing their own inferences. They will first be taught the definition of an inference, and then guided towards creating their own observations and inferences through real example. Once students have a grasp of creating observations and inferences, they will be challenged to use these skills. Students will be given a number of artifacts they are not familiar with and create inferences about the possible uses of these tools. They will then test their inferences using context and association cues. This will enhance students’ inference skills, which is vital in studying any of the sciences.  


Ancient Civilizations

This program helps students answer the big question, why large civilizations emerged in some areas and not in others. Instead of assuming it is because certain cultures are more sophisticated than others, archaeologists claim that advanced civilizations developed in certain areas solely because of the natural resources that were available. Students will work in teams to research where common foods and animals were domesticated with our research materials. Together as a class, we will create a map showing where all foods and animals were domesticated and lead a discussion on themes found in this map. This program will open the students’ eyes to the reasons behind the rise of ancient civilizations with a new appreciation for other cultures. 


Beginning September 2019 our rate will be increasing to $90 per program

$80 per program, plus a $25 travel fee per day

Maximum: 35 students per program